Business office support


The Business Office Support Department provides to the District Office complete, accurate, and timely employment and payroll services and information for Mesa College.

Using well defined processes, the knowledgeable and customer focused staff provide excellent customer service, collaborating with employees, departments, and business 办公室.

Office Hours: M-F, 8 am - 5 pm
房间: A-101
电话: 619-388-2746
传真: 619-388-2979

general information

Business Office Support 工作人员
Employee ID Cards
Timesheet Reporting Codes (TRC) Descriptions

仁科 information

SDCCD has implemented the Human Capital Management (HCM) portion of 仁科 effective January 1, 2016. 仁科 replaces Colleague for HR operations including Employment, Payroll, Compensation, Benefits and Retirement Services.

仁科 Employee Self-Service allows employees to view and update personal information as well as access employee timesheets for reporting time and requesting leaves. 大多数 of the payroll and benefits forms have been replaced by this self-service feature.

仁科 HCM information and access to the portal: 仁科 System Access

payroll, benefit INFORMATION AND forms

District Payroll 日历
W-2 Frequently Asked Questions
Monthly Timesheet Correction 请求
Retirement or Resignation Notice Form
Out-of-Class 请求 Form
Adjunct Office Hours Form


Administrative Technician

School of Math and Natural Sciences; 学生 Affairs/外展; 学生 Success and Equity (DSPS, bgi的, STAR TRIO), and Title III-HSI-阀杆

Administrative Technician

School of Arts and Languages; School of Humanities; 学生 Affairs (AS, Financial Aid, and 学生 Health); Institutional Effectiveness and administrative/operational campus departments

Ellen Engels
Administrative Technician

School of Business and Technology; School of Learning Resources and 学术 Support; 学生 Development (招生, 咨询, Assessment, Transfer/Evaluation, and Veterans) and Title V